Hornbeak Fire Department
  Hornbeak, Tennessee
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Your Safety Preparations

In todays society we have all come to rely, totally, on our local, state and federal government to supply us with our every need. Some needs are supposed to be provided by your government because you dont have your own police car or fire truck or ambulance, and thats what emergency services in the public safety network are there for.
However, there are some things that you, as an individual, can do for yourself that can and will most likely lessen the severity of an emergency. Some actions you can take will involve very little time and investment, but rather just take your action and planning for an emergency event.

  • Check your smoke detector operation monthly and change batteries every year.
  • Have an escape plan for your family in the event that you have a fire or event that requires you to leave your home. Practice it to....
  • Keep flashlights in your home and near your bed.
  • Purchase a weather radio with S.A.M.E. coding. Have a plan in place to act immediately if necessary.
  • Pay attention to weather bulletins. Dont get complacent and ignore warnings and watches.
  • Keep a battery powered AM-FM radio, and extra batteries for it, in your home.
  • Purchase a scanner and program it to your local emergency services frequencies.
  • Keep a minimum of 3 days (72 hrs) of non-perishable food and water in your home. More than likely, any help from state or federal agencies would be at least 3 days from reaching our area.
  • Purchase a first aid kit, learn CPR and basic first aid. This wont take the place of emergency medical treatment, but could save a life if emergency services cant get to you.
  • Always keep fuel in your vehicles. If your vehicle is empty, you may not be able to evacuate, if necessary.
  • Know where your utilities (electric meter, gas meter and water meter) are located and have a working knowledge how to disconnect them if necessary.
  • Install an address marker with reflective numbers and letters, not just on your house, but at the street or highway so emergency responders can find your home easier.

There are many websites that have more detailed and complete suggestions for your personal preparedness in the event of an emergency. Some of the sites are ready.gov, Red Cross, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

If a large scale disaster or emergency happened in our county it could overwhelm the emergency services capabilities. There are less than 400 emergency responders (fire, police, ems) in our county. The population of Obion County is 32,500, so, if you do the math that means that there is (1) emergency responder for every (81) citizens. We cant be everywhere, all the time. Emergency response is prioritized to the most critical need at the moment and sometimes that priority changes as situations change. Make plans to do what you can for yourself and your family till help arrives.

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