Hornbeak Fire Department
  Hornbeak, Tennessee
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Photos of Days Gone By

HVFD's first fire engine. 1932 Ford "open cab". Gentlemen in the picture
are brothers Kenson Williams, Mayor(L) and Tom Williams, Fire Chief(R).
This photo was taken sometime around 1965.

HVFD's second fire engine. 1971 Chevy chassis-American Lafrance-1000
gpm-750 tank. Purchased new from Don Hudson in Nashville, Tn. Traded
the 1932 Ford for two (2) Survivair SCBA's. Gentlemen in the photo are
left to right, Warren Blackley (firefighter-alderman), Tom Williams (fire chief
-alderman) Kenson Williams (mayor) and Tom Roberson (firefighter-alderman).
This photo was taken sometime around 1971. Troy FD purchased a new
fire engine at almost the same time from Don Hudson. Both, HVFD and TFD
still have these trucks in service today.

HVFD's third fire engine. 1954 International-Central States "rural pumper".
Town of Hornbeak purchased this pumper to use mainly on rural fires. It
was used extensively until its retirement in 1992 when we replaced it with a new
International chassis-Pierce Mfg-1000 gpm-1000 tank. Didn't retire the number,
just moved it to the new truck.

HVFD's fourth fire truck. Military surplus 3/4 ton truck furnished by
Tennessee Division of Forestry. Outfitted with a skid unit, pump, flappers
rakes and hose reel. This truck was used extensively on wildland/grassland
fires in our district. We gave this unit back to TDF in the late 80's when
they pulled out of Obion County.

HVFD's fifth fire truck was a converted Chevrolet grain truck that we purchased in the
mid 80's. We removed the bed, bought a 1000 gallon steel tank, mounted the tank on
the truck and installed a dump valve, rear lights and some other "goodies" donated
by Martin Fire Chief "Buster" Williams. This tanker was used until the mid 90's and
replaced with the tanker we are currently using. We have searched high and low
for a photo of the tanker and retired UCFD Firefighter Tom Menees found this photo.
Our thanks to Tom for the help! Gentlemen in the photo are from left, Bill Truett, Bob
Reavis and Dwight Lovett.

In 1992 Pierce Mfg introduced the "Responder" series of fire trucks. Hornbeak VFD
was lucky enough to make the brochure that year. We purchased the truck from
Harry Harless Company and Dick Adleman was the salesman. Dick was a retired
Memphis FD training chief and an avid photographer. Dick was able to help us
spec out a functional pumper that we are still using as our frontline pumper
responding to all fires.

Hornbeak VFD's second tanker was put in service in the early 90's. It replaced
the first tanker that we built. It was retired and replaced with our new
Midwest 2000 gallon/750 gpm tanker.

HVFD license plate bracket from around the early 1980's

This picture was sometime before 1992 because we dont have or Pierce pumper yet. Looks like we are getting ready for a street dance. That is our 1971 American-Lafance 4451 and 1954 Central States Engine 2.

HVFD's first ever grant. Tennessee Division of Forestry Grant. Somewhere around 1986. We bought a brand new ISI Ranger SCBA (air pack) and a few other goodies!

Group picture from April 2004 in the Union City Daily Messenger newspaper. Several in the photo still on the department.

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