Hornbeak Fire Department
  Hornbeak, Tennessee
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Medical 1st Responders

Hornbeak VFD has two divisions of emergency operation. One is fire suppression and the other is our medical 1st responder program. This page will explain our medical 1st responder program.

Hornbeak was the first area in Obion County to train and offer medical 1st response in the 1980's. Baptist Memorial Hospital (BMH) offered the program administered by Regional Emergency Medical Services (REMS). Approximately 15 citizens of the Hornbeak area attended classes and eventually we had 8 citizens pass the state certification. These individuals delivered the medical 1st responder services for several years. This 1st responder group was not under the direction of the fire department. Later, several other areas of the county began to offer 1st responder response. Some years later BMH discontinued the program

A few years ago BMH-UC started the 1st responder program again and it was required that it be under the direction of an emergency service. Union City Fire Department (UCFD) was the first to offer the 1st responder program and later the Obion County Rescue Squad (OCRS). UCFD offered the service inside the city limits of UC and the OCRS offered the service to all other areas of Obion County, both in town and rural. Later Obion Fire Department began offering the service inside their city limits.

Hornbeak VFD petitioned BMH-UC to allow our department to train and offer medical 1st  response inside our town. In 2010 we began training several individuals, both firefighters and citizens from our town. After completion of training, testing and state certification we began offering the service within our city limits only. All individuals that passed state certification became members of our fire department. Some preform duties as firefighters and medical 1st responders and some operate only as medical 1st responders, but both are members of the FD.

Currently our department has the following medical personnel:
  • FF / EMT's  (3)
  • Medical 1st Responders  (6)

Hornbeak VFD medical 1st responders are ONLY dispatched when an ambulance has been requested within our city limits. We do not replace emergency medical treatment, but rather supplement the response by arriving at the emergency scene to stabilize the patient before the ambulance and EMTs/Paramedics arrive.

Our medical 1st responders are dispatched on our FD radio frequency by Obion County 911 dispatch in Union City, Tn. Each emergency agency is responsible for the purchase of necessary medical equipment to operate their medical 1st responder program. We anticipate to use our donated van as our medical response vehicle. Our first responders can also provide medical rehab to our firefighters, mutual aid with OCRS in county areas and offer assistance to other emergency agencies.

    Hornbeak VFD medical 1st responders assist Obion County Rescue Squad at a single MVA with entrapment x 2.



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