Hornbeak Fire Department
  Hornbeak, Tennessee
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  • Why do I need to pay the rural fire membership fee? The Town of Hornbeak and the Hornbeak VFD has provided rural fire protection to the areas around our town for over 30 years. We have supplemented our fire department budget through door to door donation drives, fish fry's, BBQ sales and street dances. Your generous donations and participation in our fund raising events has helped us to help you and we are very grateful. The rising cost of repairs and maintenance on our equipment just cant be covered with gifts and hit or miss fund raising activities. Federal and State mandates that require more training for firefighters, communications re-banding and NFPA compliance is costing us thousand of dollars a year.
  • Why doesnt the Town of Hornbeak just give the fire department more money? The Town of Hornbeak could increase our budget, but it wouldn't be fair to the tax payers of Hornbeak because over 90% of ALL our emergency responses are in the rural areas of Obion County. In 2009 we had two fires inside the city limits of Hornbeak. One grass fire and one car fire. We responded to 14 rural structure fire calls and provided auto aid to our neighboring fire departments 45 times in the rural areas. Nearly all our efforts are concentrated in the rural areas, so, the rural property owners should help pay their fair share of the operational expense of the fire department.
  • Do I have to pay the $75.00 membership fee and pay a $500 fire call fee if the fire department comes to my house or property?  NO. With your paid annual membership you will recieve (1) one free $500.00 fire response fee per  billing cycle (July 1 thru June 30). If we respond to your membership covered property a second time during the current billing cycle you may recieve a bill.
  • How do I know if I am in the Hornbeak VFD fire district? All rural areas of Obion County have been divided into grid sections. Fire departments have assumed areas of responsibility that have been determined by: distance, travel time, natural and man-made obsticales, and population. If you have questions about what fire district you are located in, use our contact us page and enter your name, address, etc and we will respond to you with the answer. You will recieve a letter notifying you that your membership is due and by receiving the letter you will know that you are in our fire protection district. 
  • What happens if I don't pay my rural fire membership fee?  Rural residents in the Hornbeak Rural Fire District who DONT pay will recieve fire service, BUT will be billed at the whole cost of the fire response. The minimum amount billed will be $2000.00 with a one hour minimum. If we are on scene longer, additional equipment dispatched to the emergency, additional personnel dispatched to the scene, etc will add to the minimum charge. ONE FIRE CALL AT THE FULL MINIMUM CHARGE IS EQUAL TO 26 YEARS OF PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS at $75 per year.
  • When will the rural fire membership fee begin? The tentative date to begin the program will be July 1, 2012. We have no intention of "sneaking" this program in on our rural residents. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MAIL, THIS WEBSITE AND THROUGH LOCAL NEWS MEDIA well in advance of the activation of the program.


           Ice Storm of 2009 - Federally Declared Disaster - HVFD at work clearing Hwy 21

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