Hornbeak Fire Department
  Hornbeak, Tennessee
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Fire Suppression Page

        This page will list our firefighters, equipment and apparatus that we use in our fire suppression efforts.

Within our organization we have two seprate divisions. One is fire suppression and the other is our Medical 1st Responder Program. This page will discuss our fire suppression division.

Hornbeak VFD operates from one station locted in Hornbeak, Tn. We currently have 2 Engines (pumpers) and 1 Tanker. We have a Ford E250 Van donated to our department by the Toney VFD in Alabama. This vehicle is equipped and in service and it will be used as a service, rehab, rescue and medical 1st responder vehicle.

All prospect and probationary firefighters are required to complete state mandated firefighter training before advancing to "firefighter" status. All firefighters are required to complete Additonal Tennessee Commission on Firefighter Training and Standards certification before achieving "Certified FF1 and FF2" status.
All officers at the rank of Captain or above must be FF1 certified.

The structure of our department is as follows:
  • Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Captain (operations)
  • Captain (training & safety)
  • Lieutenant (medical officer)
  • Lieutenant (apparatus officer)
  • Lieutenant  (equipment officer) 
  • Engineers (driver / operators)
  • FF2 (certified)
  • FF1 (certified)
  • Firefighters (64 hr basic)
  • Probationary (12 month)
  • Prospect
  • Administrative (secretary)

Hornbeak VFD numbering scheme is as follows:

  • Station          4400
  • Rural Dist          44
  • Engine 1       4451
  • Engine 2       4452
  • Tanker 1       4471
  • Support        4491
  • Personnel     4401, 4402, etc. thru 4445

This numbering scheme continues thru the entire 8 municipal departments in Obion County.

  • Hornbeak          4400
  • Kenton
  • Obion                8100
  • Rives                 6100
  • Samburg           2000  
  • South Fulton     2100
  • Troy                  4700
  • Union City         4100

All fire departments are dispatched thru the local 911 center in Union City, Tn. Each fire department has a base station that can be used for dispatch purposes in certain situations. HVFD utilizes the VHF band, 154.190 as our primary recieve frequency. Our FCC call sign is WNMX256. We recieve dispatches by pager, handheld radio and text messaging via cell phone. HVFD has a outdoor alert siren that is primarily used as a severe weather alert system that can be activated by 911 dispatch or activated from our station and handheld radios.

Hornbeak VFD is a municipal, town owned fire department and is primarily tasked with fire suppression within our municipal limits. We also provide fire protection to a 71 square mile rural area around Hornbeak. Our fire districts do not overlap as they did in the past, but rather are bounded by grid blocks that are one mile square. The entire county is divided into 1 mile square grid blocks that have a alpha-numeric assignment (example = M12). This allows firefighters and medical 1st responders to view a county map and pinpoint the grid they are being dispatched to, pick their route and complete the response with the actual 911 address of the emergency location.

Hornbeak VFD fire suppression capabilities include:

  • Residential Structures
  • Commercial Structures
  • Barns and Sheds
  • Grassland / Woodland
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Fuel Fires
  • Small Scale Haz-Mat requiring little or no cleanup
  • Smoke Investigations

Hornbeak VFD also responds to the following:

  • Weather Related Emergencies
  • Setting Up Landing Zones (LZ's) For Air Evac Helicopter Medical Transport
  • Fuel Spills
  • Assist Obion County Rescue Squad on Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's)
  • Assist Obion County Rescue Squad on Land Searches

All fire departments in Obion County participate in the Mutual Aid Agreement that allows neighboring towns/cities, and counties to give and recieve help from other fire departments if an event or emergency requires additional manpower and/or equipment.

All fire departments in Obion County participate in Auto Aid that automatically dispatches the closest (2) fire department tankers to rural fire scenes. This function will deliver a minimum of 8000 gallons of water for fire fighting purposes.

              Auto Aid operation in Samburg Rural Fire Protection Dist. Hornbeak VFD & Troy FD assisting with water and manpower.

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