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Emergency Response Fees


Beginning January 1, 2019 the Town of Hornbeak will begin enforcing town ordinance # 12-02. This ordinance sets the rural fire call/emergency response fees for, both, members and NON-members of the HVFD rural fire protection district. This ordinance was adopted in 2012, but has NOT been enforced in hopes of allowing ALL rural residents to join our rural fire protection membership program. We are still at 60% participation, as we have been since beginning the program. In fact, of the 21 rural structure fires that we responded to from 2011 through July 2014, only 4 were members leaving 17 non-member fires which is 80% of our responses to NON-MEMBERS. This trend has to be reversed and the enforcement of ordinance # 12-02 will be the starting point.

Rural residents that choose to participate in the HVFD membership program each year will recieve the following benefits:
(1) free fire call annually (valued at $500.00)
  and (1)
Free fire incident report (valued at $75.00)

Rural residents that choose NOT to participate in the HVFD membership program will be billed the minimum charge of $2000.00 ~or~ billed actual time on scene per hour for each fire call/emergency response. The higher of the two amounts will be billed to the rural homeowner as per ordinance # 12-02.

NON-MEMBERS will recieve a bill from our billing agent and be responsible for full payment within 60 days of reciept of bill. If not paid within 61 days the amount will be placed into a COLLECTIONS ACCOUNT status. If
those attempts are unsuccessful, then the deliquency can be taken to court for judgement and collection and any and all additional charges associated with the court can be added to the deliquency.

HVFD will respond to, both, MEMBER and NON-MEMBER emergencies.
We do NOT check a list of who has paid and who has not. We will respond and sort out the members from the non-members when we get back to the station. It is irrelevant to us who calls in the emergency, the property owner will be billed, not the occupant, if different from the property owner, nor will the concerned neighbor that may have called in your emergency be billed. If you own the property YOU will be billed.

The $75.00 per year membership fee is a small amount to pay to ensure that you will have fire protection available for years. In fact, the annual membership fee is equal to .21 cents per day. Thats about 1/3 the cost of a cup of coffee or soft drink, per day. On the flip side, if you are billed the $2000.00 minimum charge, thats 26.6 years of membership dues at $75 per year. PLEASE, help us to help you with your paid annual rural fire membership dues and avoid any unnecessary additonal charges.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at mailto:info@hornbeakfd.com ~or~ call the station at 731-538-9333. We are not in the office every day, so, if we dont answer the business phone please leave a brief message, your name and phone number and we will get back with you.

If you feel that you are financially unable to pay the rural fire membership fee, please contact us to discuss your options.

Thank you 

Bob Reavis, Chief HVFD

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