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Rural Fire Program

Rural Fire Membership Program

New information on rural fire membership program......

So far, about 70+% of the rural homeowners have paid their rural fire subscriptions, countywide. In the HVFD rural fire district we have a 68% participation. We strongly encourage you to pay the annual membership to ensure that our fire department has the necessary funds to continue your rural fire protection. Your paid membership helps us to continue to help you, the rural homeowner.
We would like to thank all who have paid and we would like to ask those of you who haven't paid to do so. There is no prorate on the fee, so if you wait to pay, you will still be due on July 1 of each year.

The Rural Fire Program has been a really hot topic here in Obion County over the past few years. We hope to clear up some of the myths and let the county residents, that Hornbeak VFD protects, know how the program to work.

Property owners inside the city limits of Hornbeak DO NOT pay the rural fire subscription fee. Your city taxes pay for your fire protection.

*    There is no "Obion County" Fire Department, no "Obion County" Fire Trucks, no "Obion County" Fire Stations and no "Obion County" Firefighters.
*    All fire trucks, stations, equipment and manpower is owned and operated by each of the 8 individual municipalities (towns and cities) that provide fire protection for their towns/cities. Those towns/cities provide you, the rural property owner, your fire protection with the town/city fire equipment.
*    Over 90% of all responses made by municipal fire departments in Obion County are in the rural, un-incorporated areas.
   Each individual town/city provides the operating budgets for their fire department with NO funding coming from Obion County or the State of Tennessee.
   The Town of Hornbeak and the Hornbeak VFD has provided your fire protection for decades at little or no cost to you, the rural property owner, and we are more than happy to continue the service.

We need your help financially to be able to continue providing your fire protection. $75.00 per year is equal to .21 cents per day to help us continue our rural fire protection program that serves you, the rural resident.

The Obion County Commission has decided NOT to offer the fire protection funding in the form of a tax or fee, but rather, voted to only allow the towns/cities to collect, on their own, from the rural residents in the form of a subscription or membership program

Here's how the program will work....

You will recieve a letter or postcard the last week of June each year announcing the Hornbeak Rural Fire Membership Program billing period has begun.
The letter will be addressed to customers in the Hornbeak (ESN 110) Rural Fire Protection District. Each letter or card is a seprate property, with improvements, that you own in our fire district. Please pay for each property that you want covered by the membership program.

At the bottom of the letter you will notice:
    Property Owner Name
    Address of the covered property address if different from your mailing address
    The Grid designation of your covered property
    Active = Y or N  This designates whether you paid your membership last year
    ESN = 110
    and a Bar Code that indicates your covered property

This info is necessary for you, as well as the HVFD representative that you pay your membership fee to, to determine the property you want covered with the membership plan.

There will be fire dept personnel at the office on Mon-Wed-Fri between 8am and 1pm in the month of July if you have questions.

Please mail your check for $75.00 and the bottom portion back to our P.O. Box listed on the bottom protion of the letter.

We are trying to make this process as simple as possible and appreciate your understanding.           

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